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LaunchedEffect vs memoryCoroutineScope in Jetpack Compose | by Saqib | Might 2023

Web page Contents

  • What are unwanted side effects?
  • LaunchEffect API unwanted side effects
  • LaunchedEffect Underneath the hood
  • LaunchedEffect For instance
  • LaunchedEffect Functions
  • memoryCoroutineScope API
  • rememberCoroutineScope Underneath the hood
  • rememberCoroutineScope For instance
  • rememberCoroutineScope Functions
  • Evaluate b/w LaunchedEffect & rememberCoroutineScope
  • Github challenge

What are unwanted side effects?

LaunchEffect API unwanted side effects

LaunchEffect UnderTheHood

  • LaunchedEffect is a composable operate so it might solely be executed inside one other composable operate
  • LaunchedEffect is taking one parameter and one droop operate should be carried out
  • LaunchedEffect at the moment switching the present composable coroutine context to LaunchedEffectImpl with droop operate shall be executed, which signifies that the coronation course of shall be launched throughout the scope of the primary composable operate.
  • LaunchedEffectImpl obtain droop acts as a code block and lanches coroutine, aborting the beforehand operating coroutine if it exists
  • LaunchedEffect count on not less than one parameter to be handed, In the event you do not wish to go any parameter you possibly can go null or Unit . On this case I might select to go Unit as parameter. If you’ll go Unit or null as the next parameter droop operate shall be executed precisely as soon as and that operate in Element part.

LaunchEffect Instance

Launching the Impact . software

  1. roll LazyList to a particular location: In a chat app when the consumer masses the App or the chat display screen for the primary time, we would like the consumer to see the newest messages, so we’ll scroll the chat messages to the underside of the checklist, this This may be achieved by the next code utilizing LaunchedEffect.
LaunchedEffect(Unit, block = {
lazyListState.scrollToItem(messages.measurement - 1)

rememberCoroutineScope Aspect Results API

rememberCoroutineScope UnderTheHood

  • rememberCoroutineScope is a composable operate
  • It creates a coroutine within the present composable scope, so it is going to be conscious of the composable lifecycle, so will mechanically be destroyed when the composable leaves the part.

memoryCoroutineScope Instance


  1. LazyList with Go To High/Backside buttons: There are sometimes conditions the place we have now a listing of information and buttons on the UI to scroll the contents of that checklist to the underside or to the highest when the consumer performs these particular actions. The code beneath reveals that case utilizing rememberCoroutineScope and launch coroutine to execute them droop above operate LazyList.

Evaluate b/w LaunchedEffect & rememberCoroutineScope

  • LaunchedEffect And rememberCoroutineScope are the facet impact APIs to side-effect actions are carried out in a managed and predictable method.
  • LaunchedEffect carry out droop operate in composable scope whereas rememberCoroutineScope executes outdoors the scope of a composable lifecycle however nonetheless has scope to pay attention to the composable lifecycle.
  • LaunchedEffect And rememberCoroutineScope each APIs run in a lifecycle conscious method and abort the launched coroutines as quickly because the composable the place they have been created leaves the part.
  • LaunchedEffect normally used once we wish to carry out an motion through the Element part of the compositing (i.e. when the consumer enters the display screen for the primary time) or if any state parameter is handed to it as a substitute change However rememberCoroutineScope used when we’re not within the Element, normally when the consumer does some motion like urgent a button and we wish to replace the UI state in impact for that motion.
  • LaunchedEffect And rememberCoroutineScope solely consumer interface associated duties must be carried out. It shouldn’t be violated unidirectional knowledge circulate.


Github challenge

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