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Google Code Scanner makes it straightforward to scan codes on Android | by Nav Singh | April 2023

The aim of this text is to elucidate how we will combine code scanning operate into our Android apps utilizing Google’s Code Scanner API.

Scan outcomes To be give again simply to software by way of Google Play companieswhich all code scanning work.

minSdkVersion worth of ≥ 21

Add dependencies

dependencies {
implementation ''

Add metadata to routinely obtain scanner modules

<software ...>
android:title=" and prescient.DEPENDENCIES"

we will use ModuleInstallClient API ARRIVE clear verify the scanner module availability and request obtain as a result of Google Play companies

  • Configure barcode scanner choices — GmsBarcodeScannerOptions [Optional]
val choices = GmsBarcodeScannerOptions.Builder()
  • Take an instance of GmsBarcodeScanner
val scanner = GmsBarcodeScanning.getClient(this)

// Or with a configured choices

val choices = GmsBarcodeScannerOptions.Builder()

val scanner = GmsBarcodeScanning.getClient(this, choices)

  • Begin scanning ║▌║█║▌│║▌║▌█
non-public enjoyable initiateScanner(
gmsBarcodeScanner: GmsBarcodeScanner,
onSuccess: (Barcode) -> Unit,
onCancel: () -> Unit,
onFailure: (Exception) -> Unit
) {
.addOnSuccessListener { barcode ->
// Activity accomplished efficiently
val end result = barcode.rawValue
Log.d(TAG, "initiateScanner: $end result")
// verify the worth - URL, TEXT, and so forth.
when (barcode.valueType) {
Barcode.TYPE_URL -> {
Log.d(TAG, "initiateScanner: ${barcode.valueType}")
else -> {
Log.d(TAG, "initiateScanner: ${barcode.valueType}")
// Show valu
Log.d(TAG, "initiateScanner: Show worth: ${barcode.displayValue}")
// Formate - FORMAT_AZTEC, and so forth.
Log.d(TAG, "initiateScanner: Format: ${barcode.format}")
.addOnCanceledListener {
// Activity canceled by the consumer
.addOnFailureListener { e ->
// Activity failed with an exception
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Updated: April 22, 2023 — 11:28 pm

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