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Dive into the derivationStateOf and evaluate with reminiscence(key) | by Saqib | Could 2023

derivedStateOf helps keep away from pointless refactorings for higher efficiency. Within the story we’ll dive into derivedStateOf API and can discover it totally different from keep in mind(key) .

We’ll see When/How we should always use derivedStateOf . We’ll see extra comparisons between keep in mind(key) And derivedStateOf and eventually we’ll have a look at some Purposes of derivedStateOf .

We’ll reply some questions to know derivedStateOf API, a listing of such questions is under.

Web page content material

  • When derivedStateOf API used?
  • Why ought to we use keep in mind with derivedStateOf ?
  • we are able to use keep in mind(key) (with key) to interchange derviedStateOf?
  • When ought to keep in mind(key) (with key) used along with derivedStateOf ?
  • When ought to we not use derivedStateOf and like keep in mind(keys) through derivedStateOf ?
  • Purposes
  • Github

When derivedStateOf API be used?

derivedStateOf{} used when one compose state is derived from one other and the derived state modifications much less often than the supply state. derivedStateOf executes the compute block each time the interior state modifications however the composable operate will solely execute once more when the computed worth modifications. This reduces pointless rearrangements, making certain that aggregation ought to solely rearrange when it’s completely crucial. In abstract, listed below are the details.

  1. Supply State of BE calculated and derived from a state A
  2. Supply Bang B is being modified/up to date much less often than the supply state A
  3. Supply Bang B updating the UI because it modifications.

In case of used:

For higher understanding: Let’s take a use case to indicate a Scroll To Prime button when consumer scrolls checklist when first seen index in checklist is bigger than 0 lazyListState.firstVisibleItemIndex > 0.

First, let’s examine the essential code examples with out utilizing derivedStateOf and see its influence on efficiency/reproducibility.

Check out the variety of rearrangements for the Scroll Up button Structure Inspector.

From Structure Inspector we are able to see there are numerous rearrangements for Scroll To Prime Button. Each instances lazyListState.firstVisibleItemIndex change it calculate new worth for isEnabled and trigger a rearrangement to the Button.

These are all pointless recompositions as a result of when firstVisibleItemIndex greater than 1 then the Button have to be rearranged to position it enabled = true however when firstVisibleItemIndex go to 2, 3, 4 or extra, it should not rearrange the Button to isEnabled worth is not going to change. We are able to see right here that the Derived State isEnabled is altering much less often Energy Standing lazyListState.firstVisibleItemIndex that is the best case for derivedStateOf APIs.

Now let’s examine under code instance the place we’re utilizing derivedStateOf API

Within the code we’re utilizing derivedStateOf with keep in mind efficient use derivedStateOf APIs. We’ll see under within the story when we now have to make use of keep in mind with derivedStateOf .

Let’s take a look at the quantity of recomposition for Button IN Structure Inspector.

We are able to see a major discount within the variety of regenerations for Node. It solely recompiles when lazyListState.firstVisibleItemIndex change to 1 different intermediate values ​​2, 3 or extra will calculate the brand new worth however derivedStateOf is not going to trigger recombination as a result of the derived state worth doesn’t change.

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Updated: May 31, 2023 — 8:31 pm

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