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Builder design sample in Kotlin. Do you marvel how we are able to construct… | by Abhishek Saxena | June 2023

Allow us to give an issue assertion to know the issue and the way the builder design sample solves it.

We need to create a posh object, i.e. Consumer, with some required and non-obligatory properties.

How can we create an object?

  • builder
    – Overloading Constructor
    – Telescope builder
  • settler

Allow us to discover the above strategies

That is the commonest technique to instantiate an object and set an preliminary worth or default worth if not supplied for the thing.






The usage of constructor could be like this

From the above instance, we are able to conclude that it’s tough to interpret what worth is handed to which parameter because the variety of parameters within the constructor will increase, readability decreases.

We are able to clear up this drawback with constructor overloading.

constructor overloading

Consumer might be created with overloaded constructor which solves readability concern to some extent however relies upon closely on constructor parameters.

Please observe: If all parameters are of the identical kind, it’s tough to overload the constructor as a result of the compiler will be unable to differentiate between completely different parameters of the identical kind.

There’s a drawback with overloaded constructors

  1. You will need to generate all attainable permutations and combos of constructors.
  2. It is rather tough to handle so many constructors.
  3. It is rather tough so as to add or take away parameters from constructors as a result of it can have an effect on many parameters directly, which might result in compilation errors.
  4. It violates the Do not Repeat Your self (DRY) software program precept as a result of a variety of code is repeated in constructors.
  5. Customers might get overwhelmed with too many constructors and could also be confused as to which one to make use of.

You possibly can clear up the 4th drawback utilizing telescope builder.

Telescope Builder

You possibly can refactor the code as follows and leverage current constructors.

Utilization would appear to be this and it is rather more readable now.

It’s a lot simpler now to know what’s handed for every parameter attributable to overloaded constructors.

Though the collapsed constructor solved the 4th drawback from the constructor overloading method, it did not clear up the opposite issues as a result of they nonetheless exist.



  • Too many builders
  • Want constructors for all attainable permutations and combos of required and non-obligatory properties.
  • Prospects might be overwhelmed by so many builders.
  • Troublesome to take care of.

Let’s have a look at one other method to creating objects in use settler.


Because the title suggests, we might be utilizing setters to set the worth of the Consumer’s properties.

For this methodology you may have all constructors or simply default constructor and set all values ​​utilizing setter.

To maintain the instance easy, I will simply have the default constructor and set all values ​​with setters.

The consumer will appear to be this with the next default constructors and setters.

Utilization might be as follows.


  • Only a constructor and values ​​set utilizing setters.
  • The DRY precept is just not violated.
  • Customers can set values ​​for the properties they should set values ​​for, and let the remainder of the properties take the default worth or null.


  • Consumer object is might change.
  • The Consumer object might or might not have all required values. This may be overcome by utilizing constructor with required values.
  • The Consumer object is just not authenticated earlier than it’s created.

We have seen the problems we’re having with each approaches, both method, we have run into some downsides that have to be addressed.

To summarize each approaches, we are able to say that

1 . methoduse a Constructor (both of the 2 approaches listed above)



2 . methodutilizing setters



Now I hope I’ve clarified the issue we face with the classical strategies of object building.

Allow us to discuss concerning the answer to the issues listed above.

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Updated: June 15, 2023 — 4:09 am

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