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Android TV Leanback: HeadersSupportFragment — Detailed Directions

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BrowseSupportFragment with show headers

HeadersSupportFragment creation and configuration

public HeadersSupportFragment onCreateHeadersSupportFragment() {
return new HeadersSupportFragment();
  • Replace HeadersSupportFragment visibility based mostly on standing handed to BrowseSupportFragment.setHeaderState(state). Out there states are:
/** The headers fragment is enabled and proven by default. */
public static closing int HEADERS_ENABLED = 1;
/** The headers fragment is enabled and hidden by default. */
public static closing int HEADERS_HIDDEN = 2;
/** The headers fragment is disabled and can by no means be proven. */
public static closing int HEADERS_DISABLED = 3;
  • name HeadersSupportFragment.setPresenterSelector() overcome PresenterSelector supplied for BrowseSupportFragment.setHeaderPresenterSelector(). This PresenterSelector ought to help at the least three forms of objects. That’s, DividerRow, SectionRowAnd Row.
  • The HeadersSupportFragment has its adapter, OnHeaderViewSelectedListener And OnHeaderClickedListener set. The adapter is liable for delivering the objects. The default implementation for it OnHeaderViewSelectedLister change or choose the content material of BrowseSupportFrament. For OnHeaderClickedListenerIts default setting is hidden HeaderSupportFragment when an merchandise is clicked.
  • Background coloration of HeadersSupportFragment set utilizing the colour supplied for BrowseSupportFragment.setBrandColor(). For instance:
override enjoyable onCreateHeadersSupportFragment(): HeadersSupportFragment {
// This can be performed on the onViewCreated()
brandColor = Colour.RED
return tremendous.onCreateHeadersSupportFragment()
  • At this level, the BrowseSupportFragment.onViewCreated() finish and BrowseSupportFragment.onStart() might be known as. Inside onStart() the affiliation of HeadersSupportFragment might be set based mostly on the Leanback theme attribute named browseRowsMarginTop. This attribute, because the title implies, can also be utilized by BrowseSupportFragment to set the highest margin of the primary row.
  • If you wish to change HeadersSupportFragment align the objects, you want to take action after the decision to tremendous.onCreate()
override enjoyable onStart() {
  • You possibly can allow or disable the titles of a BrowseSupportFragment by organising a name BrowseSupportFragment.setHeaderState(state) and go the specified state.
  • Change HeadersSupportFragment background coloration by calling HeadersSupportFragment.setBrandColor(coloration).
  • Change or provide new varieties Presenter for you HeadersSupportFragment.
  • Change OnHeaderViewSelectedListener And OnHeaderClickListener your deployment HeadersSupportFragment.
BrowseSupportFragment with three forms of objects in HeadersSupportFragment

IconSectionRow and IconSectionPresenter

class IconSectionRow(
@DrawableRes val icon: Int,
headerItem: HeaderItem
) : SectionRow(headerItem)

DividerRow and DividerSpacePresenter

Add customized presenters

Theme managed properties

  • lb_browse_headers_width: Width of HeadersSupportFragment.
  • lb_browse_headers_paddding_end: HeadersSupportFragment finish buffer.
  • lb_browse_headers_z: Altitude of HeadersSupportFragment authentic view.
  • lb_browse_header_fading_length: Pale edge width. The fade edge covers the top of the title textual content when the textual content is just too lengthy.
  • lb_headers_right_fading: The drawable background utilized by the fade edge.
  • headersVerticalGridStyle: Fashion for VerticalGridView Later HeadersSupportfragment. The default theme is configured as proven under:
  • lb_section_header & lb_header: Default format file for SectionRow And Row views, respectively.
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