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About Us

It was the mission of ANDROID KAKI when it was born. We do not want to be the most visited website or the quickest. We want to become a very private space, with lots of interesting things to read, and where everyone is welcome.

Do you believe? We, young people with passion and enthusiasm, have researched and built this website starting with the number zero. And we have worked hard, dedicating time and money to build a common playground for you, also for ourselves.

ANDROID KAKI is set up with the main criterion is Fun, so the articles on the website always featured the fun, humor. During the reading, if you see the negative articles & negative contents, please report to ours. We would like to read all your comments and feedback, so your voices will be heard.

You can see, ANDROID KAKI simple from the interface. We want to bring you the best information quickly, so we always try to ensure:

  • The information must be authentic
  • Content goes straight to the problem, not rampant
  • Centralized presentation and enhance the content
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