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What’s New Trending in Android App Development?

  1. Voice Search

The interface trend that is gradually becoming the current trend is voice control. In addition to the traditional simple operation of entering characters by hand to interact with the application. Today’s users use voice to control operations on Smartphone devices. This can be considered as talking to the phone to control it. Although this is not natural, users are gradually getting used to it and adapting to it.

Many large companies have applied this feature to their products such as: Google – voice control application on Chrome browser; Microsoft – application for MS Office; and applications on Android and iOS phone carriers, etc. This is a trend of developing mobile apps according to the actual needs of users.

  1. Android AI Assistant

There has been a 300% increase in investments in Artificial Intelligence this year. Includes AI for Android business apps that offer from advanced cognitive interfaces to more complex systems, and also provide advanced analytics to app users.

What can AI do for app users?

The AI-based Android assistant can communicate with users, follow their commands, clarify required information, and serve as an intelligent chatbot. The bots can even recognize complex commands.

Android’s personal assistant is powerful and allows us to choose and install these virtual assistants with many creative and elegant options. The explosion of AI next year will power Android apps like never before, and any Android app developer wants to be able to expand their business and revenue.

  1. Search in Android app

Most of the early developers were not interested in the concept of embedded search and search filters in Android applications; However, the implementation of search in Google’s own app, specifically in its Gmail app, has given developers serious thought.

In recent times, some leading app developers like Spotify and YouTube have implemented search module embedded in mobile apps.

This makes a lot of sense thanks to features that help users search for content within the app efficiently, in an organized manner, and quickly get relevant results.

  1. Mobile blockchain application

Blockchain technology develops at an incredibly fast rate. There are already many companies incorporating this new technology into mobile applications. Blockchain created DApps – today’s decentralized applications.

Blockchain is decentralized because data will be packaged into blocks and chained together as multiple connected devices will store the same copy of this data. Thus we have a P2P peer-to-peer network formed. This helps companies control financial risks. And help protect user data.

Currently, many companies have started to provide technical services to serve smart contract features in the real estate industry, or the financial industry. And some have applied blockchain to mobile apps to secure the features in the chain management system. Blockchain brings great features. It is attracting developers to use the technology in the near future.

  1. Mobile Payment Trends – E-wallets – Mobile Payments

Mobile payment feature will be applied more widely on mobile apps. Because it is convenient and fast, it can replace the way of using cash for daily payments. This helps meet most of the needs of the modern buyer. Nowadays, the number of online shoppers is increasing rapidly.

From e-commerce apps, hotel booking services, travel. On-demand applications developed by users today are partly dependent on mobile payment transactions. The combination of this mobile payment feature will bring more convenience and user attraction to mobile apps.

  1. On-demand apps

Currently, most users in the world are familiar with On-demand apps. Typical examples are: Grab and Uber ride-hailing services. In addition, On-demand apps are also gradually taking over other services such as cleaning, laundry, delivery, shopping, appointment booking, etc. Users always like the convenience and ease of speed. So this will be the trend of mobile app development in the future.

In addition to these trends, there are also many other potential Android app development trends in the near future. If you need more information, please contact our immediately!

Updated: March 27, 2023 — 9:51 am

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