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Regional Choices-Android14. Android14 Area Introduction… | by Nav Singh 🇨🇦 | March 2023

introduce Android14 Regional Preferences APIpermits customers to set their regional preferences.

With the area choice, customers can customized temperature items, date codecsAnd numbering methods.

It might be extra handy for a American stay in Europe to get consultant temperatures in levels Fahrenheit greater than poison and for therapeutic purposes Sunday EQUAL start Later week as an alternative of belong to Monday.

  • entry to the primary day Later week
  • entry hour cycle
  • entry temperature unit ️
  • Entry calendar sort ️

2. Now suppose we’ve an utility that we’ve weekly problem and we present the variety of days remaining within the present week.

In that case, we will use LocalePreferences.getFirstDayOfWeek() ARRIVE calculate the variety of days remaining primarily based on the primary day of the week is chosen within the choices.

val localDate =
// To be taught extra about WeekFields examine the references
val weekField = WeekFields.of(Locale.getDefault())
// day quantity primarily based on the preferences
Textual content(textual content = "${localDate.get(weekField.dayOfWeek())}")

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Updated: March 28, 2023 — 9:43 pm

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