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Discover Kotlin 1.8.20. Kotlin 1.8.20 has been launched and we… | by Nav Singh 🇨🇦 | April 2023

Kotlin 1.8.20 has been launched and we’re going to discover some new options/enhancements.

  • We are going to solely embody New language function And Replace the usual library.
  • Please check with Presenter part to verify the complete particulars of this model

listing class entries operate

Why do we’d like this new performance?

  • values() – Give again Array and more often than not we convert it to a listing to work with it. Simply as in comparison with Lists, Arrays much less efficient.
  • Please verify This to study extra about efficiency points.
enum class Language(val extension: String) {

// values - Returns Array
val languageValues:Array<Language> = Language.values()

// New operate entries - Returns Record
val languageEntries:Record<Language> = Language.entries

knowledge object

  • For higher readability, we have got this new function
  • It has a neat and clear toString() signify
object EmployeeObject

knowledge object EmployeeDataObject

// Output



// EmployeeObject@50040f0c

// EmployeeDataObject 💜

Sub constructors with physique in inline lessons

  • Now beginning with 1.8.20, We will use Secondary constructors with our bodies IN inline lessons 🎉
worth class Worker(non-public val fullName: String) {
// Allowed since Kotlin 1.4.30:
init {
verify(fullName.isNotBlank()) {
"Full title should not be empty"

// Preview out there since Kotlin 1.8.20:
constructor(firstName: String, middleName:String, lastName: String) : this("$firstName $middleName $lastName") {
verify(lastName.isNotBlank()) {
"Final title should not be empty"

Self-closing interface

  • To shut the useful resource, AutoCloseable interface added frequent customary library.
  • prolonged operate use() can also be included, which executes a sure block operate on the chosen useful resource after which closes it correctly, whether or not a exception is thrown or not.

Base64 encoding and decoding

Now we now have Base64 assist in Kotlin. So no extra Java

3 sorts out there

  • Base64.Default, Base64.UrlSafe Base64.Mime
enjoyable base64Experimental() {
// Base64.Default
val nameBytes = "Nav".map { it.code.toByte() }.toByteArray()
val encodedValue = Base64.Default.encode(nameBytes)
// Encode worth: TmF2
println("Encoded: $encodedValue")
// Decoded worth: Nav
println("Decoded: ${String(Base64.Default.decode(encodedValue))}")

// Base64.UrlSafe
val googleIOUrlBytes = "".map { it.code.toByte() }.toByteArray()
// Encode worth: Z29vZ2xlLmlv
val encodedURLSafe = Base64.UrlSafe.encode(googleIOUrlBytes)
println("Encoded UrlSafe: $encodedURLSafe")
// Decoded worth:
println("Decoded UrlSafe: ${String(Base64.UrlSafe.decode(encodedURLSafe))}")

Assist for @Unstable Feedback in Kotlin/Native

Earlier than this 1.8.20 notice in solely out there in frequent customary library And environment friendly in JVM

  • Test This to study extra about @Unstable annotation
class Developer {
non-public var isAndroidDev: Boolean = false

enjoyable isAndroidDevloper(): Boolean = isAndroidDev

enjoyable setAndroidDev(isAndroidDev: Boolean) {
this.isAndroidDev = isAndroidDev


Previewing Java Composite Property References

public class Developer {
non-public String title;
non-public String coreLanguage;

public Developer(String title, String coreLanguage) {
this.title = title;
this.coreLanguage = coreLanguage;

public String getName() {
return title;

public String getCoreLanguage() {
return coreLanguage;

  • Entry properties utilizing presenter
    val developer = Developer("Nav", "Kotlin")

// references to Java artificial properties
print("Developer title is ${developer::title}")

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Updated: April 10, 2023 — 6:41 pm

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